3D Photo Video

AHI Grand Danube Passage 2016

August 28 through September 11, 2016

Click on any link below to open an array of related images, then click on any image in the array to open the image in an HTML5 Stereo Viewer. The viewer has a control menu of buttons across the top. Press the Help button to learn how to use the viewer.

All of the anaglyph 3D viewing methods use red/cyan glasses with the red lens on the left eye. Of these, I prefer the SPM (StereoPhoto Maker) method. You can get a pair of 3D Glasses for the cost of a self-addressed stamped envelope.

The cross-eyed 3D viewing method is the best by far for color accuracy but needs some Training to master. If you don't have red/cyan glasses and can't master cross-eyed viewing, select the Single viewing method for flat 2D images.

The 3D images will be like being there yourself. Enjoy!

David Tiede

28 Aug Travel to Prague, Czech Republic (5)

29 Aug Free Time in Prague (14)

30 Aug Art Deco Hotel - Prague Castle - Charles Bridge - Concert (277)

31 Aug Historic Jewish Quarter - Independent Exploration (97)

01 Sep Passau, Germany (46)

02 Sep Melk, Austria | Durnstein (215)

03 Sep Vienna, Austria (101)

04 Sep Bratislava, Slovakia (126)

05 Sep Budapest, Hungary (55)

06 Sep Pecs, Hungary (136)

07 Sep Belgrade, Serbia - Tesla Museum (121)

08 Sep Iron Gate Gorge | Dobreta-Turnu Severin, Romania | Orsova (93)

09 Sep Vidin, Bulgaria (110)

10 Sep Sofia, Bulgaria (217)

11 Sep Travel to Columbus, Indiana (16)